MAXINE WATERS: Standing up and giving one of her usual RACIST RANTS didn’t set to well with one man, a veteran and a proud American….

“No, I don’t just say I am patriotic, I am. I was combat infantry in Vietnam, my dad served with Patton in WWII and my great great great grandfather served on the side of the North in the Civil War. His brother died in that war. A lot of my family’s blood has been spilled giving you the right to spout your crap. In fact, a whole lot more white blood has served this country, much of it in the Civil War. No one has ever diminished the cost or sacrifice of African Americans. DO NOT DIMINISH our contribution! The Lord has taught me I shouldn’t hate. But, I can loathe and despise you and everything you stand for.

You are an ignorant, bureaucrat who has sucked off the public teat for so long it has deprived what little brain you have of the oxygen to even make a coherent argument. You talk of the black caucus. What a joke! How many members of the CBC have had ethics charges levied against them (including you)? How many are currently under indictment, are currently incarcerated or have served jail time? The percentage is way above the Congress as a whole. Stand proud Maxine, you are a moron’s moron.”

O’Reilly says he thinks she has James Brown hair, she’s looking like Tina Turner to me.

Maxine Gets a Bit of Her Own Medicine

Rumors remain unconfirmed that she is planning on marrying Al Sharpton.

It’s always a beautiful thing to see a Moonbat get bitch slapped with their own hypocrisy.

In this case Maximum Maxie Waters, who took to the floor of the House to denounce a man who has probably done more for, and has plans to do even more for Blacks in America then she will ever do.
In fact, Waters has done nothing more than enslave her constituents, chaining them to Uncle Sam’s Plantation. 

Freedom Daily

We continually see this moonbat at the helm spewing her anti-Trump rhetoric as she goes on CNN leading the charge for his impeachment, even though she has zero evidence to support her ridiculous nonsense.

But when she went to the…

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Trump Is Now President, Forces Of Satan Panic / President Announces Release Of Secret Technology

Texas Trump Train


Published on Jan 23, 2017
On the LIVE Sunday, Jan. 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we’ll recap the events surrounding Friday’s historic inauguration of Donald Trump.

We’ll also break down the liberal Women’s March on Washington, where several former celebrities made disparaging remarks about President Trump, and examine the media fallout over White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s first fiery press conference.

On today’s show, we’ll also look at Trump’s steps to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate, the financiers behind the Women’s March and more.

The Alex Jones Show (c) copyright, Free Speech Systems .LLC 1995 – 2017 All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes.

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Ayers and Obama Are Two Peas in a Pod! They Believe That The Evil That They Have Done Is Justified! They Are Both TERRORISTS!

Everyone is talking about the release of Manning by Obama, but this little number who remains committed to terrorism poses future risk to all of us. He is still an avowed terrorist who will remain here in the USA, not be set free in some third world hell hole. I include a clip of Bill […]

via Bomb Maker Bill Ayers celebrates Obama’s clemency for bomb maker Oscar Lopez Rivera — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Obama will go down in history as a WAR CRIMINAL for his TREASON against our country, for his use of ISIS around the world, and for DEFRAUDING the American people!

And…that is not even mentioning how he has “Fundamentally Transformed” our beautiful Republic into a third world shit hole like the one that he crawled out of! He and his family have ROBBED the American taxpayers of BILLIONS! His mother-in-law even has SCREWED the American taxpayers! She is getting $160, 000. for babysitting her own granddaughters, TREASONOUS!

How about you and your family crawl back into your communist shit hole or your homeland Kenya!!

Texas Trump Train

Image result for Obama will go down in history as a war criminal for his TREASON against our country, for his use of ISIS around the world, and for DEFRAUDING the American people!

“As the most scandalous and embarrassing president in American history leaves office, Barack Obama does his best to set fire after fire on his way out. 

Obama is not only petty, unprofessional and immature, but he is proving that his bitterness over Trump’s election and not protecting what he calls his “legacy” through Hillary Clinton, is driving him into a very dark place. Obama believes his time as president was to caress and seed his sole desires, to pleasure himself on a personal level, and to destroy any and all opposition to anything he pleased. He was never about serving the best interest of our country, our people, performing his sworn duties, cementing our future, or maintaining a positive standing in the world. Obama believes in his twisted, narcissistic mind, that being president was instead a seat as supreme ruler, and he gorged himself on money and power without a…

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History Shows How Rare and Valuable Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Are

By Washington’s Blog Global Research, December 29, 2016 Washington’s Blog 28 December 2016 The Founding Fathers protected freedom of speech and freedom of the press as the most important liberties. They are protected in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And as discussed below, the Founders recognized that the ability to speak freely was the foundation […]

via History Shows How Rare and Valuable Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Are — Counter Information


Allen West: DISTURBING new report details how Obama admin is “sticking it” to Trump! 


There is no hope in the racial divisiveness in which we now live in America. As Written By Allen B. West: I’m still somewhat perplexed at the progressive socialist left’s response since the November 8th presidential election. It’s truly as if they didn’t receive the memo sent by the American people. I mean c’mon, all…

via Allen West: DISTURBING new report details how Obama admin is “sticking it” to Trump  — Allen West Republic



Texas Trump Train


Merry CHRISTmas! Thank God we will have a LEGAL President to be PROUD of DJT, instead of one that we are DISGRACED by, like BHO! We will have a President that will work for us the Legal, American taxpayers, NOT the Illegals and Criminals! We have not had a LEGAL American Patriot occupying our W.H in thirty years!!  We the People, are sick to death of the LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, and KILLING by #CrookedClinton and #HorribleHussein!! 


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Mexico and Canada Announce Willingness to Renegotiate NAFTA… — The Last Refuge

Remember what we shared yesterday, it underpins every forward action and behavior. If you don’t understand it – you will be lost over the next several years. Donald Trump is not yet president, and yet within 24 hours of winning the election both Mexico (link) and Canada (link) announce they are willing to begin renegotiation’s […]

via Mexico and Canada Announce Willingness to Renegotiate NAFTA… — The Last Refuge


Praise God, President Trump is Coming!

trump landslide

GOD BLESS OUR NEW 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA We are going to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!!! This is my answered prayers. This is the best CHRISTmas present ever!! All I wanted for CHRISTmas is a Legal, Law abiding, American Patriot, that would love Americans FIRST instead of being a TRAITOR and catering to and ENABLING the “ENEMIES WITHIN”!! Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Holder, Reid, Huma, etc…are ALL TRAITORS to America and should be in PRISON! You are smart to wait until Obama leaves or is EVICTED from our W.H. to ARREST them all, that way you can arrest Obama too!! If not then Obama would pardon #CrookedHillary. #CROOKEDHILLARY is the ENABLER to them all! She should be in GITMO for TREASON!!!


Image result for we want trumptrump stand together


I truly do not want a woman without a soul to be the first woman president of this great country.

Obama and Hillary are the enemies within and have:

* drastically destroyed our country – we are no longer respected;
* caused the death of many Veterans;
* let the VA get away with providing NO CARE for wounded
Veterans so many died waiting for care;
* one hospital even left Veterans remains in a basement
   to LIQUEFY;
* caused the rise of ISIS
* rapidly increased immigration without background checks;
* incited racial relations,
* betrayed our police force;
* put our Nation’s security in danger with an unauthorized
   private server;
* committed perjury
* weakened our military
* wasted money on lavish vacations and golf trips
* were aware of (and maybe participated in – haven’t been able
  to verify that part) child pedophile rings
* participated in money laundering
* Hillary is against Christianity (if you watched the movie I sent
  out, you would have heard that);
* Hillary spoke highly of her mentor – an atheist.
* Movie validated Hillary’s support and dedication to George Soros
* Favor a New World Order and are working closely with
George Soros to make that happen.
* Gave away our governance of the internet
* Provided large sums of money to our enemies
* Drew a worthless red line
* Bill and Hillary and Barack and Michelle pretend to be friends
  but they actually hate each other – so all 4 lied about that.
* Greedy Obama wants a raise for former Presidents –
* Bill and Hillary stole over $200,000 worth of items from the
White House last time and had to return them.
* Obama has loaded up the White House with Muslims
* Clinton’s (especially Hillary) treat all staff poorly and once
was upset at an Easter Egg hunt with disabled children at
the White House. She screamed when are those
“F-ing” kids leaving?
* Hillary has ZERO (0) accomplishments – but MANY failures

We, quite simply, CANNOT AFFORD HILLARY and the disaster she will make of our country – as well as the Supreme Court!


PLEASE, PLEASE – SHARE THIS – AND SAVE THE GREAT U.S.A. Now, no, I have not forgotten the role of God in this. If we get on our knees and seek forgiveness and humble ourselves – He WILL heal our land.


I am going to end this post with words of wisdom from a very dear friend. Actually, it was hard to pick just one because I got so many today and I love all of you who sent them to me and I’m pretty sure you must be sick of me by now!

So, here it is:

“Judy, you are protected by the most High God. He had not given you a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. You know who is the enemy of your soul, and you have authority over him through the blood of Jesus Christ. Claim that victory and rebuke your enemy. Let peace flood your soul.”


ROCK AND ROLL MY FRIENDS – WE’RE BURNING DAYLIGHT! As the Duke would say, “He saluted the flag of the United States of America. Can you think of a better flag to salute?”

The time is NOW! Vote for Trump and Pence and drag whoever you can with you!

God’s will be done. Thank you and God Bless!

Donald Trump Announces “America First Economic Desk” To Protect American Workers… — The Last Refuge

During a speech today in Ohio, candidate Donald Trump unveiled an executive outlook toward policies that ensure the U.S. worker is first and foremost in all U.S. trade and economic deals… [ TRANSCRIPT ] In 19 days, we are going to win the state of Ohio and we are going to win the White House. […]

via Donald Trump Announces “America First Economic Desk” To Protect American Workers… — The Last Refuge


Post debate summary —TRUMP is Number 1!

By Jim Campbell October 9, 2016 Despite Donald Trump being required to answer questions and fight off the uber-bias of the moderators, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. The real Hillary Clinton Questions which by the way had nothing much to do about the economy, the United States and it falling position in the […]

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1995 New York Times Crowns Donald Trump: “The Comeback King”…

Donald J. #Trump our president, who will take our country back from the Corrupt, Communist Demon-Rats!! He will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, and he will protect US the Legal, American Patriots instead of SELLING out to the highest bidder like the #BenghaziBitch does! Clinton and Obama should both be arrested for TREASON!!

#Trump will make that happen! We the People, will STOP the destruction of America began by #ObastardObama!! #Trump is still the “Comeback King”, and he will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!!

We MUST Pray and Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to Take Back Our Country!


We MUST pray and vote for #ONLYTRUMP to take back our country from the CORRUPT Clinton and Obama!!!
NOTHING will be done to #CrookedHillary until #Trump takes office!! She knows too much about Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his name is!! I don’t know which one of them I hate more, they are both EVIL! Well, Hussein does not have as many DEAD bodies as Clinton!
I cannot wait until all of them are FORCED top pay their consequences!! Close down the #ClintonCartel, and take all of their DIRTY money, and give it back to the American taxpayers, that they have SCREWED out of their money!!
The Usurper Hussein has already turned our Internet over to the Corrupt, Communist U.N.! They have already had U.N. troops on American soil! They have tried every DIRTY trick in the book to take our guns!
Vote NO to their CORRUPTION! Vote for #ONLYTRUMP if you love your country and want her back to the Republic, that GOD intended!

Enter Another Rise of the Clintons: Bill the Pervert: Hillary, His Madame Viscious?

Image result for hillary and bill demonsBill and Hill photo BillNHillary.jpg

MN Prager Discussion Group

Criminal Hillary Roddham Clinton has been butching around attempting to besmirch Our Donald for calling a former Miss Universe “piggy” some decades ago, a Venezuelan with a love for fatty foods and lots of them becoming piggish, undercutting her agreement to retain her Miss Universe appearance at least during her reign as its queen.

Does this mean truth can finally  be told regarding the stories behind Hillary the Lesbian Bully and her wuss, William Jefferson Clinton, the pervert rapist of countless occasions  during his terms in public office, the Governor of Arkansas,  and particularly during his eight years occupying the White House?

What will Billie Clinton’s exercising role be with Butch Hillary, America’s Corrupt  Criminal in Waiting,  in the White House?   Will it matter?  He’ll  still be  married to Madame Vicious!

Does that mean the sadistic Nazi-like role the Clintons, especially butch Hillary performed,  foisting terror  on Bill’s female…

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