Enter Another Rise of the Clintons: Bill the Pervert: Hillary, His Madame Viscious?


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MN Prager Discussion Group

Criminal Hillary Roddham Clinton has been butching around attempting to besmirch Our Donald for calling a former Miss Universe “piggy” some decades ago, a Venezuelan with a love for fatty foods and lots of them becoming piggish, undercutting her agreement to retain her Miss Universe appearance at least during her reign as its queen.

Does this mean truth can finally  be told regarding the stories behind Hillary the Lesbian Bully and her wuss, William Jefferson Clinton, the pervert rapist of countless occasions  during his terms in public office, the Governor of Arkansas,  and particularly during his eight years occupying the White House?

What will Billie Clinton’s exercising role be with Butch Hillary, America’s Corrupt  Criminal in Waiting,  in the White House?   Will it matter?  He’ll  still be  married to Madame Vicious!

Does that mean the sadistic Nazi-like role the Clintons, especially butch Hillary performed,  foisting terror  on Bill’s female…

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