We Knew This Was Coming! Do NOT Fall For the Witch’s EVIL TRICKS!!

(50) Twitter:

Clinton is such a LIAR and Bitch! We know that she is DESPERATE and is trying every in her bag of “Bitch LIAR bag” to try and paint Trump as abusive to woman, LYING WITCH! Intelligent and Educated women will vote for #ONLYTRUMP!! Only the IGNORANT and Uneducated would vote for a Bitch Dog like her!!

Cristina Laila on Twitter: "Hillary is a forked tongue snake. She ...:

Supposedly one of the women from his past TV series is NOW coming forward to LIE because she was “bought off” by #CrookedHillary to LIE to try and make him look bad!  She is on #CrookedClinton’s payroll!!

God I would like to slap that UGLY, EVIL look off of her face! The #BenghaziBitch has NOTHING positive to talk about! She only has her COMMUNIST Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which include her LYING, CHEATING, ROBBING, BLAMING, and MURDERING!! That EVIL Bitch does NOT give a damn about women or anyone else! She only cares about manipulating her way into our W.H., so that she can ROB us some more! She is WHORE, that gives out for the “highest bidder”!! OBVIOUSLY, the Bitch is above our laws just like Obama is!!! They make me sick!!