VIDEO Trump’s Ritual Humiliation Of MSM, More Popular – Surge Now Wave – Ivanka v Megan

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Trump’s Ritual Humiliation Of MSM

It was a rout. A thrashing. A washout. Daddy Trump has conquered the media, burned its corpse, and salted the earth of its grave. I couldn’t be more erect.

The Donald executed a stunning bait-and-switch yesterday, first teasing the media that he was going to make a statement on Obama’s birth certificate. Expecting a wild, outlandish comment that would reverse his polling surge, the cameras of the media descended on Trump’s new hotel in Washington D.C … only to witness a stream of military veterans endorsing Trump, which the media was forced to broadcast to the entire country.

Trump’s actual comments on Obama were limited to a single sentence: “Obama was born in the U.S., period.” Daddy managed to achieve free publicity for his new hotel, a nationwide broadcast of support for his campaign from military veterans, and simultaneously put to…

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