Trumpgasm Electoral College Map



Tired of all the media propaganda? The lies?

Here’s some propaganda in the other direction.

Want to know what’s really happening? Free of lying media distortion?

Here’s the map they don’t want you to see, a map based on reality, not based on phony, manipulated polls.

TRUTH: Hillary clinton is collapsing, literally and in the polls.
TRUTH: Donald Trump is gaining in strength and momentum every week.
TRUTH: Historically, the same presidential party rarely can stay in power for three consecutive terms.
TRUTH: Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate.
TRUTH: Hillary Clinton is unable to draw large crowds.
TRUTH: There has never been a candidate as strong as Donald Trump.
TRUTH: Donald Trump is drawing massive crowds from enthusiastic supporters.
TRUTH: Donald Trump outperformed most polls during the primaries due to the Bradley Effect.


I researched every state and made my own map, to show what was actually going on. It seems…

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