ACCEPTANCE is the Solution to our Problems! UNITE and help us save America!!


Watchmen Of Our Forefathers #NeverHillary and NeverTrump??? Really??

There are NO other choices! I will unite with #TRUMP and #ONLYTRUMP, because I would NEVER vote for the Benghazi Bitch!! Trump was NOT short delegates! Don’t believe the LIES! The demons are trying to separate us, don’t let them!  ACCEPT IT, #TRUMP WON, LET GO OF IT! GROW UP!


I am the Tea Party and I am a supporter for #ONLYTRUMP! People need to grow up and accept the fact that Cruz and all of the other GOPers LOST, and be mature about it and UNITE and vote for #ONLYTRUMP to save our beloved nation!! If Cruz would have won, and he was not one of the same old shit = bought off politicians, then I would have voted for him to save our country!

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Do NOT allow the Demons to separate us! This is exactly what the demons want!! They are using the Saul Alinsky tactics of: Divide and conquer, and never let a crisis go to waste!! Make a decision to love America more than you do yourself!


#TRUMP is Pro American, Pro Founders, Pro Military, Pro Police, Pro Constitution, Pro Conservative and of course Pro Tea Party principles! #ONLYTRUMP has promised to take care of Americans FIRST! The Benghazi bitch is for the Communist N.W.O.! Let’s show that bitch that she cannot get away with all the CRIMES that she has committed against the united states and the whole world!!

Please, get past your Ego’s and unite to help save our country. #Trump NEVER murdered anyone like Killary did! He made his own money, while Clinton STOLE all of hers from others, including us taxpayers! Please, get over it and unite to save our country!! #TRUMP is 100% for our U.S. Constitution, while Killary is out only for herself!!


#Trump is NOT the problem, the Benghazi Bitch is, and a vote for anyone but #Trump is voting for the Benghazi Butcher! For God and country, do you wanteight more years of hell like we have had with Obama, or whatever his name is?? I do NOT!!

I do believe that anyone that can’t get over losing to Donald Trump For President, and won’t unite behind the winner to save our country is a TRAITOR to United States!


“The tea party is political movement that advocates strict adherence to the United States Constitution reducing U.S. government spending and taxes.” And #ONLYTRUMP promises to adhere to it.