My answer to the question is Honestly, Why Would Anyone NOT Vote For Trump? I agree with all points, except that I always voted for the person not the party. I am probably closer to an Independent than any of them. But…I desperately want my country back, so I will vote for #ONLYTRUMP and no other!

Why would anyone that loves America vote for the Benghazi Butcher? My God, I have a member of my family that told me they would vote for Clinton rather than Trump, INSANITY! Insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting different results. We the People, MUST stop voting for the Demon-Rat/Communists and Liberal Losers!!

joseph botts

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A few days ago someone I don’t know asked this question on … Facebook and a mutual friend (knowing I am a Trump supporter), tagged me and asked me to answer the question. Here was my reply:

I am a Trump supporter for several reasons. I believe that our country is at a critical tipping point and we don’t have another presidential term to figure this out.
Health care costs are out of control, our labor participation rate is at a 50 year low, we have no borders, jobs are leaving by the thousands, the debt service on our national debt is nearing a point we cannot pay it.
The average person hasn’t had an increase in pay in 12 years. Over half the black men in our country are out of work. We are more divided than I can…

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