An Email From Paul Ryan Requesting Priorities


My sentiments EXACTLY, Glenn! Ryan is a RINO POS, and Obama ass kisser! He needs to be removed from office! Those GOP SOB’s LIED and promised to STOP Obama’s lawlessness!! The GOP has done NOTHING to stop him, but enabled the Communists and RINO’s to further “destroy our country from within”!

If the GOP robs #TRUMP of the nomination, then they are signing their “death warrant”, and me and millions of other voters will NOT vote Republican again!! #ONLYTRUMP  is Independent and not “bought off” like Ryan and all of the other candidates!! Go with God, #TRUMP, and may God keep you and your family safe from the demons!

MN Prager Discussion Group

“Glenn — I urgently need to hear from you.

As Speaker, part of my job is to right the wrongs of the Obama presidency — but I’m depending on conservatives like you to help prioritize my agenda.

Your answer to this Leadership Priority Survey will provide House Leadership with critical data to help form a bold conservative agenda to move our nation forward.

Because of limited time & resources, we are only reaching out to proven conservative activists to participate in this short survey.

Will you take a minute to select YOUR priority for House Republicans?

This is an extremely important election year. It will not only decide the fate of the White House & Congress, but the Supreme Court as well. That’s why this survey is crucial for our chances in November.

Glenn — please use this secure link to access your personalized survey:

Thanks for your input.


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