America’s Racism is Programmed Against White Conservative Males

You are absolutely right on! Clinton and Obama are the biggest race-baiters there are, except for Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright.


Go with God #TRUMP! I would love for you to kick the Benghazi Bitch’s ass! #TRUMP is our only hope to take back our country from the demons that are destroying it from within. UNITE with we the people and help save America! 


MN Prager Discussion Group

Donald Trump has every right to complain about the left wing Democrat, Mexicano activist judge in charge of a political case against him.   In a free society Mr. Trump has every right to suspect the leftist Democrat Judge active in Mexicano American left wing political organizations might have a prejudice against Mr. Trump for his criticisms of American leftist  programs designed  to suck immigrant workers and illegal voters  into the country for fascistic  political purposes with the ensuing presidential election this coming November.

It is no surprise that the majority of leftists in America bleep  Mr. Trump’s criticisms of the judge and his politics are racist.    What in hell do you think the leftists teach  at university…EVERYONE NOT ENOUGH MARXIST “FOR EQUALITY’S SAKE, IS A RACIST, NOT ONLY A RACIST, BUT A WHITE RACIST.  IT’S THE AMERICAN WAY taught in schools.  It’s the feminist American way led by…

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