America face true reality before it is too late



Charlie E Pershall   April 18 2016 

America face true reality before it is too late.

This is for all of those who hate Donald J Trump for his personality rather than for what he stands for. We can question if he can do what he wants to do. That is understandable. However, as for what he has presented. This is the true facts. Donald J Trump is the only one that truly made America aware of the destruction coming by the illegal immigration. Some jumped on the wagon after he made his bold statements. The same with Trump’s warning of the flood of Islam that is destroying America, and its constitution. As it is not a religion but a tyrant dictatorship.
Do your honest research. Read the Muslim’s Koran.
The Muslim’s Koran represents tyranny, and promotes violence and Murder. It is not a religion. It is a tyrant dictatorship. It is an enemy of Christianity and the American Constitution, and freedom.
This is not the case with the book of the Christians. It presents free will and compassion.


Then let us look at the concern of bringing the jobs back to America, Donald J Trump is the one that is promoting that and others just say it cannot be accomplished.

I have seen for years of what Donald J Trump has been bringing to light and warning America about. Those in the White House has been turning a blind eye to legality for many years, just doing as they please as dictators. And both parties are in on it. They both are guilty of the fraudulent action.

All of this is for just one purpose. It all, is to bring this nation down, so it will accept world dominion and marshal law.

Just Whispers of the Ghost of Reality.