Time for Ted Cruz’s Supreme, Vital Concession

I agree with Prager on most of his points, but I do NOT want Cruz for VP! Cruz is Canadian, Bush is “bought off” and the N.W.O., like his brother! Rubio is Cuban! None of the candidates will get my vote no matter what “dirty tricks” that they commit!! As far as I am concerned, if Cruz or Kasich gave a damn about America or Legal Americans, then they would have already both dropped out!

#ONLYTRUMP has my vote!! If you Corrupt Bastards pull your bullshit and CHEAT #TRUMP out of the nomination, then I will never vote Republican again! Both parties are Corrupt as hell!! I will vote for #ONLYTRUMP or I will not vote at all! For years, I have not voted because I knew that they were all LIARS and CROOKS! #TRUMP is our ONLY hope!! 

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Political campaigns rarely rouse the best of all times for competing candidates.   Our Donald has a short fuse, but for those of us who have come to profoundly like him, his humor, guts, endless energy and countless drives and worlds to conquer, he is full-blooded American in almost every corpuscle and, although often on the edge of arrogance, seems to escape with a touch of humor, a tease of a look, a wink of the eye.

I am thrilled he is a conservative  on my side of our United States of America.

Ted Cruz is a good man….an outstanding devoted conservative.   He has a stinging sense of humor that stings often as a lie rather than a tease or jest….the kind Donald is so skilled at expressing whether with wrinkle or a wink…..the kind good, but indoor folks like  Dennis…

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