The More People Hate On Donald Trump, The More I Plan To Vote For Him!



Fox News has stated that all of the candidates have done their part in swaying the delegates to chose them in the case of a contested convention with the exception of Trump. All of the candidates EXCEPT for #TRUMP are bought off and corrupt as hell!

The candidates are allowed to buy these delegates lavish gifts, i.e., cruises, round trip plane tickets, vacations, lavish dinners or any other luxury item they decide on.

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up to believe this practice is called “bribery“, criminal, and against the law!

Whatever happened to “WE THE PEOPLE” and THE MAJORITY OF VOTES RULES???

How can we as Americans even call this a democracy or a republic?

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, you should agree, this ain’t RIGHT it is WRONG”!

#TRUMP is our only choice if we want to take back our beloved country from the Corrupt Communist Demon-Rats, and the Corrupt RINOS!! I will be voting for #ONLYTRUMP!!