TRUMP 2016 - AMERICA FIRSTSharon Inez Lachman

WE THE PEOPLE have spoken and WE want our DONALD J TRUMP for president of the United States!

Our DONALD J TRUMP is for the American people, NOT the evil and corrupt establishment that mocks the will of the voters creating violence and hate.


Everyday we hear how the vindictive, corrupt Elites and establishment who are trying to control the votes of the people, are making plans to ‘stop’ or ‘replace’ our DONALD J TRUMP. The media is putting him down 24/7. 😈

Who are ‘THEY’ to decide who becomes president? Last I heard, the choice was up to US, the people of the United States!

Our DONALD J TRUMP is NOT bought and paid for by the evil and corrupt establishment, and super PACs that are for themselves and against the betterment of the American people.

However, unlikeable lawyers Con Hillary and lying, cheating Rafael Cruz are bought and paid for by the establishment.

This means the establishment has NO power over our DONALD TRUMP. This scares them, because they are afraid Donald Trump will come in and clean house!!

Our Donald J Trump does not need power, fame or Fortune.

There is ONLY ONE reason our DONALD J TRUMP is running for president of the United States.

Our DONALD J TRUMP wants to stand strong for the American people to make America safe and great once again! ✔

And we all know our DONALD J TRUMP will crush Hilary!


America will lose with lying, cheating, whining Canadian Rafael loser lawyer Cruz. Boohoo. 😈📉

When is the murderous, skank con communist Hillary going to jail?

Dream on John, you are never winning ever never ever never.
Your time is over.🕔🔚⏳🌒


to America, NOT to the establishment, elites, super PACs, or lobbyists trying to control the votes of the American people!!!!!!


Amen!! We need a Legal American Patriot like Donald ‪#‎TRUMP‬ to do what is best for Legal American taxpayers INSTEAD of the Illegals, Criminals, and Muslims!!! Feed America’s hungry elderly, sick, and children INSTEAD of the Muslims, that are out to destroy our country, rape our women, and sexually abuse all of our children!!


SECURE OUR BORDERS!! ALL of them not just the airports!!!!