The GOP CNN- KKK- Smear of Our Donald


MN Prager Discussion Group

“On March 1, honest, responsible conservative,  military hero, Allen West, wrote the following article blow my own commentary, about the media’s ganging up against Donald Trump  for his alleged  inability to denounce David Duke’s   supposed  backing  of Trump’s presidential campaign.   It turns out that the  rumor was a lie, perhaps spread by  Republican National Committee, or Ted Cruz campaign folks  to suggest Donald and his followers as I am, are racists.

One expects racist cabals lies from CNN.   Perhaps the Hillarians stirred the poison. This assault is typical of the countless smears establishment Conservatives are thrown at our Donald.    Why was the lie spread?   Does anyone in the know really believe Trump and his followers are white racists?   Perhaps Megyn Kelly, but she isn’t in the know of much beyond being Megyn Kelly ratings at Fox Cable.

Nevertheless, Republican Overlords stirred up Mitt Romney to…

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