Good vs. Evil = Trump vs. Clinton


Vote #TRUMP to take back our beloved America from the socialists and communists! A monkey would be better than the EVIL that occupies our W.H. right now!

People need to accept the Reality that #TRUMP is the only one that CAN or WILL win! PLEASE wake up and Unite with us, and STOP dissing #TRUMP! That is EXACTLY what those bastards want, to separate us!! Do NOT allow that to happen!!

NEVER forget how Clinton and Obama left our Americans at the hands of the SAVAGES of Islam!! They should both be in Gitmo with the other Terrorists!!benghaziclintonandobamahavebloodontheirhands

Simple logic. Do you want a Legal American Patriot, or do you want a socialist or a communists, or how about a murderess and thief??? How about an Illegal, Marxist, Muslime SOB? 

Easy choice for me, I will vote for #TRUMP to take our country back and make it great again. He is the only one that can do the job!!

IMO, anyone who does not vote for #TRUMP is a TRAITOR to America, and you bastards are leaving our precious America in the hands of those that plot to destroy her and implement the Corrupt Communist agenda of the N.W.O.!! We MUST stop the bastards!! 


PLEASE, help us put the only person in our W.H. that can and will help save America from the “Enemies Within” and the “Enemies Without”! This election is about Good versus Evil, and it may be our last chance to return our Republic back to it’s former glory!!