Do You Fully Understand The Ugly Truth Donald Trump Has Exposed?

Yes, we understand!! Both parties are CORRUPT and BOUGHT OFF!! NO MORE RINO’S! 

NO ONE works for the Legal American people, EVEN THOUGH we are the ones that pay their salaries!!

Donald #TRUMP is the ONLY person working to RESCUE America from the “Enemy Within”!! He has the guts to say and do whatever it takes to make sure that Americans are taken care of FIRST! 


Jim Campbell's

crew-22312The destroy America from within and without ideology of the progressive Marxist left in our country haven’t a clue what they have unleashed.

0907-sub-tom-brady-locker-trump-america-hat-getty-4Donald Trump appeals to them because they have had enough of their failed programs and caca de toro.

It’s really that simple.

They are also to busy trying to make a living in Obama’s failed economy to weigh in on properly phrased polling questions on LGBT’s in the military, gay marriage and the rest of the social engineering Obama and his Marxists have spawned.

How does one “Trump,” this with a better slogan?


If Donald J. Trump is chosen that will be fine.

He’s opened the door for any republican who might best him in the primaries to completely run the table picking up more house and senate seats along the way.

That being said, a look at the Republican contenders makes one wonder, just how fare…

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