Why Donald Trump?

Why Donald Trump?
Written by an uneducated redneck.
Why do you support Trump?
Well my friends here are some of my answers.
1. He will not be put in office by Moslem money.
2. He is 100 percent American. No question about it.
3. He loves this country. That’s something new.
4. He will be supported by the military and the military will support him.
5. He doesn’t appear to be a liar.
6. Our present administration has gotten away with too much for too long. I believe he will put an end to it.
7. I believe he will demand people do their job or he will get rid of them.
8. I believe he will stand up to congress when they are wrong.
9. I believe he will stand up to foreign leaders and terrorists.
10. I have faith in his ability to make a good deal in negotiating for the U. S.
11. I believe he will put an end to bringing millions of foreigners to our soil who do not deserve to be here. No one is against people coming here legally and it is not fair to those who come here legally.
12. I like his stance on gun control. If we outlaw guns, crooks will still get them and innocent people will be defenseless. If all guns were taken away, people would still do mass killings with bombs or other methods. Those would probably be worse than shootings. The cities with the most gun control have the most murders.
13. I believe he will bring jobs back to America and keep industry in America.
14. Most of all, I hope Trump puts an end to our news media blatantly being so one-sided. They should be required to present the news the way it actually is, not one-sided or show favoritism towards the one who pays them the most. Or the media just show a portion of the real news and not the whole story. This is not news its propaganda.
For all of you who, at every opportunity, cry like babies when things don’t go your way. Grow up, get a set, and get out there and earn that respect you cry about not getting. Where is your pride? You can not be happy with your actions or yourself. You disrespect those who earned that respect.
Someone once asked me if I would be comfortable with Trump’s fingers on the buttons of our missiles.
Well, at least, I would feel they would be pointed in the right direction.
I am older and glad of it from the direction our country is heading. I do worry for my children and grand-children. If things keep going the way they are, this will be a third world country in their lifetime.
We need someone who is strong and can take the bull by its horns and turn this run-away train around before it crashes. Who else but Trump can do this?
I will leave you with one question! Why should illegals and people on welfare live better than people who worked hard and paid into the program all their lives or our military who risk their lives daily for our country?
source: Clyde Hoch
Even more revealing, gun murders in the U.S. are concentrated in big cities that typically have the strictest gun-control regulations. And it is those cities’ gun murder rates that are comparable to the rates in some of the deadliest countries in the world. (WND)