We the People, of the Tea Party Are 100% With DONALD TRUMP!


We the people, are sick to death of you LYING, CORRUPT politicians telling us anything to get elected and NOT keeping your word! You are almost as WORTHLESS as Hussein is, but the difference is that you know better but continue to ENABLE that SOB to RAPE, ROB, LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL, and you do NOTHING to STOP or even make an effort to stop the SOB!! 

You POS have earned NO respect from us whatsoever!! Communists=Demon-Rats = RINOS, you are all the same!! Yes, Hussein is the “Enemy Within” but you USELESS bastards have done NOTHING to try and stop him! So, you are just as guilty as he and Clinton = the MURDERESS is!!


Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the ONLY politicians that I will vote for!! NO more RINOS! Regardless of what you sorry SOBS say about them, or try to dig up against them, I will STAND WITH TRUMP 1000%! He is our ONLY hope!!

Obastard promised hope and change, but the only kind of hope and change that he offered is to:

1. He hopes that we do not wake up until it is too late to save America.

2. He has weakened our military, 


3. Supplied our enemies with taxpayers money,

4. Robbed our social security, 

5. Helped Clinton MURDER our Americans in Benghazi,

6. Wasted billions on his golfing and traveling, etc…etc…etc…infinitum!!