Hewitt TRIES to trip up Trump on foreign policy

I could care less whether he can name the demons. All I care about is him getting in the W.H. and taking command and supporting our military Heroes, and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Go Donald Trump and Allen West!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Hugh Hewitt was only trying to help Donald Trump with his debate preparation.



Mr. Trumps arrogant answers did not serve him will.

ap101010093462Come on Donald, there is no reason to shoot the messenger !

Yesterday, I pointed out in an interview how he was woefully misguided and wrote a letter to his staff advising that he get up to speed on this issue immediately.

Trump hasn’t be come the financial tycoon in Real Estate by playing the fool.

It’s time for him to tone it down big time.

The Washington Times
September 4th, 2015
With the second GOP debate only two weeks away, Donald Trump may need to do some cramming on foreign policy to catch up to his peers.

Trump admitted in a Thursday interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt that he does not know some of the nuts and bolts issues on the…

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