VIDEO Newsweek Cover – Why MB Obama/ Hillary Must Stop Donald Trump at All Costs – No More Anchor Babies

RINO Trump TfernandezExcellent post! I love it! Sharing! Go with God Trump! Let’s take our country back from the Corrupt Communist Demon-Rats and RINOs!!!

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-The 2016 primaries ‘A-hole alert’
-Donald Trump’s Plan to Significantly Reduce Income Taxes
The new Newsweek cover nails Donald Trump’s campaign platform
Trump Newsweek cover
Aug. 6, 2015 by Colin Campbell

The latest issue of Newsweek has a colorful take on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The Republican real-estate magnate has had no shortage of inflated or controversial statements on the trail, and Newsweek featured several of them on its cover

The cover story itself addressed Trump’s improvisational style, which was described by The New York Times on Thursday as “post-policy.” The famous real-estate developer has spent the vast majority of his candidacy promising to “make America great again,” but comparatively little time explaining how, exactly, he would do that.

“Trump’s style is not calculated, but he understands—and always has—that his brand is all about the bombast,” Newsweek’s Bill Powell wrote.

Powell recalled reporting on…

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