Hell NO To The Status Quo!! Go Donald Trump!! We Need Another Ronald Reagan!!


If the dumb ass GOP does not pick him, he will, and he WILL win!! We the People are sick to death of the status quo=spineless ass kissers!! Go Donald Donald J. Trump! We need a president who can and will KICK ASS!! NO MORE ass kissers to the Communist/Demon-Rats!! Trust God!! Clean House!! KICK ASS! The more the GOP and the RINOS hate you, the more I love you!!

WAY TO GO, Donald J. Trump! I will vote for you, just because you have the BALLS to stand up against the EVIL ones! If it takes an Independent Party, then so be it!! I have always voted for the man or woman not the party!! A lot of people don’t like you because you are rich, too bad! GET OVER IT!! If the GOP does not pick you, so what, they are on my shit list, for doing NOTHING to STOP the POS occupying the W.H.!!! I voted for them, so that they could fight Obama!! They have proved that they are no better than the Demon-Rats!!! They have done NOTHING to stop the SOB!!


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