How Do You Confront Evil? Cut OFF the Head! Confront It!



For the first time today, I actually watched Bill O’Reilly. He asked the question of how to confront evil. I actually agreed with him on some of his points.

I had been thinking about a topic for a new blog post since last night.  Today, I am hearing about the psycho, racist dog that gunned down the innocent people who were in church in South Carolina. I will not mention his name or give him any attention, because that is what he wanted. His father should be arrested for purchasing his psycho son a gun.

Banning guns is NOT the answer!! Psychos and Criminals will always find a way to obtain a gun or other weapon to hurt others. Outlawing guns will NOT fix this problem, because then only Criminals and Psychos will own guns! 

In my program, I have been taught the story about the “Snake in the grass”. I remembered it, and I was reminded of it when I heard about all the evil in the world being committed by the racist, psychos and islamic devils against Christians also.

The islamic devils infiltrate their ways into our society by LYING just like the snake did. “Oh, please put me in your pocket and let me warm up, I am so cold. I promise, I won’t bite you!”

Evil is not a Color, and it is NOT in the gun or knife!!! It is in the person!! More people need to report the evil that they see or hear. We need to confront evil and call it what it is evil! Racism is evil, killing innocent people just because of their race is evil. Ignoring evil will NOT help! 

I believe that the only way to confront evil is to cut off the head of the snake! Cut off all of our taxpayers money going to foreign countries run by islamics and muslims!  Stop all immigration from islamic and muslim countries! Stop paying for foreigners college tuition!! Take care of Americans first!! Lock up the psychos and criminals, and throw away the keys!! We will NEVER stop all evil! All we can do is to confront it, name it, and fight it!


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