Grover Cleveland: The Last Jeffersonian President

Mississippi Conservative Daily

In honor of President’s Day, I am re-publishing a piece I wrote back in 2012 in honor of one of the greatest, yet ignored, conservative Presidents.

History Repeating Itself:  Grover Cleveland and Modern American Society

By Ryan S. Walters

During Grover Cleveland’s eight years in the presidential chair, he confronted national problems nearly identical to those America faces today.  There are numerous issues with striking similarities,Grover_Cleveland_cph,3a01886 but the three major ones stand out above all others are – the economy, paternalism, and foreign affairs.

The Economy

As a nation, our biggest concern today is the economy. Some economists estimate that we are in the midst of a mild depression.  In 1893, as Cleveland began his second term, a major economic panic struck the United States, devolving into the worse downturn of the 19th century. This was the result of a bursting bubble created by government manipulation of the currency, not…

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