Dem Nutjob (Redundant) Wants Police to Harass Tea Party Members, Get Personal Information

We do NOT need anymore NUTJOBS like Dickinson in our government!! Vote ALL the Demon-Rat/Communists OUT!! He is a DUMB ASS DEMON-RAT!!


We the Tea Party are NOT for Democracy which is by “Mob Rule”, we are for Restoring our Republic, Removing the Trash, and Replacing our politicians with Honourable people who will uphold our U.S. Constitution!!

Look it up! There is a big difference between Democracy and Republic!! 


The Foxhole

From The Examiner.

Mike Dickinson, a Virginia Democrat who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., despite not being on the ballot, has returned to Twitter and is now demanding that the police be called on members of the Tea Party when they are spotted driving, Twitchy reported. As we reported in mid-April, Dickinson’s Twitter account was shut down after he called the Tea Party “anti American,” but it appears he managed to get his account re-instated.

Now he is back with a vengeance, and says he is determined to “expose” what he calls Tea Party “idiots.” Moreover, he is soliciting help from his fellow leftists in the liberal hate machine to engage in what appears to be illegal activity.

“Tea partiers want to claim democracy but they are cowards. They put my address out in open- I’m going to put theirs,” he said

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