When You’re 75 It’s Time To Die! We MUST Not Allow The Demon-Rat/Communists To Decide Who Lives Or Dies Or When They Die!

The main architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel, wrote an article in The Atlantic that pretty much confirms what we have known since the so called “Affordable Health Care Law” was passed 100% by Democrats, it’s time for the old people to die. They denied that death panels would be making decisions about our end of life care but again, they lied.

Essentially, Emmanuel makes his point that people stop contributing to society, “the collective” in socialist terms by the time they reach 65. Since the average age of a Noble Prize winner is 48, why should anyone be allowed to live past 50? He goes as far as saying that flu shots for older people serve to keep the “infirm” alive and he would not recommend them for fogies.

Along with many others, we have been sounding the alarm that the death panels are coming and why we need to elect leaders over socialist puppets. Unfortunately, many voters don’t get the big picture and are fooled by the left’s tactic of wrapping a bunch of rusty razor blades in a colorful wrapping paper and saying, “it’s for the children” or “it’s to save the planet”.

The November election is just around the corner and will be our next chance to stop the left’s march to socialism. President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid have been busy loading the Federal courts with liberal activist judges who will look the other way when the Constitution is shredded and allow a socialist state to replace the United States of America.

I have been making the choice clear for some time. You can bury your head in the sand and pretend that “this cannot happen in America” or you can join with us to fight back. Most Germans were against the policies of Adolf Hitler but too many of them made the mistake of not believing that the worst could happen there. History tells us the true story.

Join with us in the fight or accept what happens next. There is still time to turn the Good Ship America away from the rocks but time is running short. None of us can do this alone but together, we are an army of liberty minded Patriots who will not be stopped. If we wait too long, the task will be that much harder.”~~~Niger Innis

We MUST Not Allow The Demon-Rat/Communists To Decide Who Lives Or Dies Or When They Die! NO politicians should be able to decide whether our loved ones live or die!! We the People, do NOT want the Communists deciding our families fate, or allowing them to be in CONTROL of our health care!!

For God’s sake, people from all around the world come to America for our first rate health care! People in England and Canada are on long waiting lists for health care and surgeries! This INSANITY MUST BE STOPPED!!

Vote straight Republican Tea Party Patriot to take back our country from the CONTROL FREAKS = Demon-Rat/Communists!! Help us take back our country from those godless demons! As far as I am concerned, anyone who does NOT vote, or votes for any Demon-Rat is a TRAITOR to America!!~~~Sally Tudor



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