Obama Has Shown Through His Actions and His Inactions What He Values!!

Obama's America

Obama, or whatever his real name is, shows us daily where his loyalties lie, and it sure as hell is not America, or American citizens, whom by the way pay his salary!!

He loyalties are with Gay people, Celebrities, Smoking pot, Campaign donors, Illegals, Criminals, Islamics, Muslims!! He labels “good” as “bad”, and “bad” as “good”!

We know that his loyalties do NOT lie with Legal, Law abiding American Patriots or our military Heroes, or America…and he has us on the Terrorist Watch List, the SOB! 

He deserted our Americans in Benghazi, and one of our military Heroes is still in a Mexican jail, because he refuses to send in our Marines to get him out!!


He has cut funding for our military, that have put their lives on the line everyday for our freedoms, while funding the illegals, criminals, islamic/muslim demons and terrorists!! He refuses to Secure Our Borders!!

He has already proven to us that he hates America and everything that she stands for! But…hey he sure as hell does not mind spending our money, the Terrorist Usurper!!

I pray to God everyday that America can survive until we can have the Demon-Rat/Communist in our W.H. EVICTED and ARRESTED!



IF you love our country then you will do whatever you can to help us take her back from the anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-American, anti-straight, anti-white, anti-Conservative Demon-Rat/Communists!!

1. Register to vote

2. Vote straight Republican Tea Party Patriot!!

3. We MUST take back the Senate and keep the House, in order to remove the Communist/Muslim from our W.H.!

4. Our Congress has had its hands tied by the inaction of Harry Reid in the Senate. The House has passed over 300+ bills, that went to the Senate for a vote, and Reid has not even bothered to read them!!

5. When we take back the Senate, we will be able to remove the dope fiend. Once a dope fiend, always a dope fiend!


6. Then we MUST vote a Republican Patriot as our leader. We do NOT have one for now! 



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