We need to UNITE behind our Tea Party Patriots!!!

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We need to UNITE behind our Tea Party Patriots!!! I wish people would stop trying to divide us all.

None of the candidates are perfect, and the Demon-Rat/Communists know exactly what they are doing! So, far it has worked for them. Anyone who votes for one of those Demon-Rat/Communists is a TRAITOR to America!

I don’t want to hear anyone on my blog putting down Republican or Tea Party Patriots!! We MUST not allow the DEMONS to divide and conquer our country!! The Life of Our country is at stake here!! They know that the only way that they can win is by voter FRAUD or DIVIDING us all!

I will reiterate….I will vote for any Republican that runs!! ANY of them would be better than the Illegal, Terrorist Usurper in our W.H.!!

Stop knit-picking! Don’t allow the Demon-Rat/Communist Bastards to separate us! We MUST unite! If we don’t then the COMMIE PIGS win!!

For God and country PLEASE register to vote, and vote for an American this time!! Vote for a Republican Tea Party Patriot to take back the Senate from the Crooked Communist PIG Reid!!


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