Should the Government Tell You What to Eat? – Tea Party Nation

Dr. Ben Carson for president

Government needs to stay the hell out of our personal lives, and stop trying to tell us what we can eat, or think, say, or do! They can go to hell!! My God, with all the Illegal and Corrupt CRAP that they do, they have NO right to try to tell us how to run our lives or raise our children!!

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Should the Government Tell You What to Eat? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba


Given the successive scandals and monster laws like Obamacare that have been imposed on Americans, the federal government’s efforts to control and determine what you eat doesn’t receive the attention that it should. The ultimate question is whether the government should tell you what to eat and then seek to enforce their views about it? The answer is no.


The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is one of those federal entities that should have no role in determining what is on your plate, but among its recommendations is the promotion of “a plant-based diet, reduced meat consumption, and only eating fish after reading up on which are good for you.” Meanwhile the food police have been warning against the natural element of mercury in fish even though it is so small as to constitute…

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