Dems Get In GOP BLOCKED! Allen West Takes Obama Administration DOWN!

“I am truly perplexed by the statement from clearly delusional Nancy Pelosi who said the flood of illegal aliens across our borders is not a crisis but rather an opportunity. An opportunity for what?

I’ll answer that. There can be no doubt that the Obama administration is using a Cloward-Piven tactic to destabilize our southern border enabling liberal progressives to further their “comprehensive immigration reform” agenda — by executive order of course — which was the reason much of this started.

Here’s what I’d do to initiate “comprehensive” immigration reform:

1. Secure our borders – without secure borders, we are no longer a nation.
2. Stop taxpayer benefits to those here illegally. Period.
3. Deport felon criminal illegal immigrants.
4. Get Americans back to work with proper tax, regulatory, and unemployment reforms.
5. Institute e-verify.
6. Develop a guest worker program.

The goal is to stem the flow before ever considering a path to citizenship. And I would also cut any foreign aid to countries flooding America with illegals.

Why is this so difficult for the GOP to put into motion?” ~~~Allen West



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