Not A Smidgen of Corruption At The EPA – But There Is Plenty of Stench


Nice Deb

National Journal writes that while  MOST of the president’s Cabinet “was touting the anniversary of President Obama’s landmark speech in which he laid out plans to address climate change”, today,  poor beleaguered EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy was left facing a contempt threat from that dastardly House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa.

Why isn’t he touting Obama’s landmark speech like everyone else?

Apparently Issa issued a subpoena last November for documents and communications between the EPA and the Executive Office of the President “over a five-year period as part of an inquiry into whether the White House interfered with how the agency responded to congressional inquiries.”

Wow, that might be corruption, right there, if the Oversight Committee were able to establish that fact. But believe it or not – Issa’s been stonewalled amid allegations that he’s on a “fishing expedition.”

Issa now says he’s “planning to convene a committee…

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