What pisses me off the most is that they just sat back and “LET” fellow Americans die!!!!




Ben Johnson Ted Cruz is doing exactly what Texans voted him to do. Doing the right thing no matter where He is, upholding The Constitution, and working to move the country in the right direction. Whether you like it or not Texans keep the rest of this country in business.



It’s NOT just about four dead Americans in Benghazi for whom the rest of the world could care less! It’s about the 3 American diplomatic certified workers who died fighting a mob of terrorists on US soil. ( That’s right, Class, most CIA folks, official or not are normally certified under diplomatic cover.) Add there to the Capture, Rape, Torture, and Murder of the PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ON AMERICAN SOIL!! 

Two years out the US government has done NOTHING but lie and wring its corrupted “oh how sad” hands. THAT’S WHAT DIFFERENCE IT MAKES! The rest of the world sure as Hell sees that and understands that. No revenge. No punishment. No arrests. No payback. Just LYING and EXCUSE MAKING about four dead Americans. THAT’S WHAT DIFFERENCE IT MAKES! TRULY MAKES!! Our Americans deserve for the truth to come out and for the GUILTY to made to pay their CONSEQUENCES!! No matter what their political party!!!


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