PressTV: US foreclosures drive up suicide rates: Study

I understand!!! When a person has paid on a home for forty or forty five years, and the Communists take it away it depresses the hell out of you! Obama has killed our military heroes, our jobs, our economy, and now (through suicide) is killing our Legal, American home owners!!! May he rot in hell for his evil and the sooner the better!!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

A new study shows US foreclosures are strongly correlated with suicide rates.A new study shows US foreclosures are strongly correlated with suicide rates

Fri May 16, 2014 9:41PM GMT

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Data analysis has previously shown economic downturn to provoke an increase in suicide rates, but a new study shows an even stronger correlation between suicides and foreclosure rates.

According to research published this week in the American Journal of Public Health, higher rates of suicide are uniquely linked to spikes in foreclosures.

By comparing state-by-state suicide rates with the numbers of issued foreclosures — while accounting for other disruptive factors — the researchers were able to conclude that the correlation was “independent of other economic factors associated with the recession.”

“It seems that foreclosures affect suicide rates in two ways,” explained Jason Houle, co-author of the new study and assistant professor of sociology at Dartmouth. “The loss of a home clearly impacts individuals and…

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