Greta VanSusteren: The Tea Party vs Rancid Critics

BLAMING OTHERS I AM THE TEA PARTYYes, we the Tea Party Patriots are Conservative, Legal, Law abiding American citizens who by the way, unwillingly have our money STOLEN to support the Lazy and Illegals with our taxes!!

The Foxhole

From her “On the Record” program.

Let’s go “Off the Record” for just a minute. I do not get it. Why are some people, politicians, pundits, and reporters in particular, so vicious and – yes, so arrogant – towards members of the Tea Party?

They don’t have to agree with the Tea Party. No one is forcing them. Frankly, it makes no difference to me if they do or do not agree. But why does their lack of agreement with the Tea Party justify their vicious comments? It’s never even about debate. Instead, it’s smearing, trashing, denigrating, laughing at, and even demonizing the Tea Party, acting as though the Tea Party is a bunch of anarchists, terrorists, kooks and even atheists.

Have they ever even met these Americans? Have they met my panel? They’re not throwing bombs or getting arrested. They are Americans exercising their right to speak up. It’s…

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