Tea Party America BBC Documentary: What is the Tea Party?

I don’t agree with his Socialist thinking, remember he is from England.

And…of course the blacks want to convince you that the Tea Party is about Racism…don’t fall for it!! We the People, are from all walks of life, all races, and we are not racist!

We do not approve of Obama’s Socialist/Communist policies, his LYING, BLAMING, and MAKING EXCUSES…and Trillion dollar debt!!

And…unemployment is much higher than 10%….and has been since Obama had his way bought into our W.H.!! Millions more are unemployed, homeless, hungry, and have given up on finding jobs…because there are none.

Detroit, Chicago, Dayton, and California are all bankrupt and led by Demon-Rat/Communists!! The Dumb Ass is obviously Socialist. He thinks it is horrible because some tell Obama to go back where he came from if he does not like our country, but we the Tea Party are fighting back against his Socialist/Communist thinking, and policies, which have NOTHING  to do with his race!

Obama has NOT proven who he is, or that he is Eligible to be our president. He has hidden all his records, and he has even made the statement that only those with something to hide would worry about their privacy!! Obviously…he knows that if his records were unsealed….then the truth would come out!! He is an Illegal, Marxist, Muslim, Usurper….who has no legal right to occupy the W.H.!!

We the Tea Party, are NOT going anywhere! We are fed up with the Corruption, Lying, and Greed in Washington in both parties!! The only reason Obama won the 2012 election was through Voter Fraud and Corrupt Demon-Rats!!

If we are going to save America, we MUST take the Senate and keep the House, so that we can IMPEACH the Terrorist in the W.H.!! Shame on anyone who would vote for anyone because of their Color. I vote for the Character. God help us save America. God bless America.



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