I Love Allen West! We Need A Strong Military Leader For Our Country! We Are In For The Fight Of Our Life’s Against The Demon in the W.H. and the Islamic Devils!

ALLEN WEST cropped-allen_west_rand_paul_2016_bumper1.jpg ELECT ALLEN WEST 2016 allen_west_rand_paul_2016_bumper OBAMA IS A DISGRACE TO AMERICA

I am sick to death of “holier than thou” people who do not like what I post!! TOO BAD! Remove yourself from my friend’s list like some other already have. No skin off my nose! Then there will be room for more Patriots, who REALLY give a damn about America and are MAD AS HELL…like I am!! The fate of our country is a hell of a lot more important than some sports crap, or what star is having sex with which star! Those of you who do not care are TRAITORS to America!


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