“The Constitution Was Not Written to Restrain Your Behavior. It Was Written to Restrain Your Government’s Behavior.”


Rand Paul for president!!! Ted Cruz for vice president in 2016!

Alltwo See Great Post! I am proudly sharing your post on my timeline with all of my wonderful facebook friends and fellow Patriots I hope you won’t mind if I just take a moment my fellow Patriot to genuinely thank you personally for being a modern day Paul Revere by sharing your post and this invaluable knowledge with all of us.

Forget not that the Birth of Our Great Nation began with ·”The Declaration of Independence”· and it shall Not be Hijacked nor Abridged by any Tyrants.

It was from this era that banners and mottoes such as “Hope,” “Liberty,” “Appeal to Heaven,” & “Don’t Tread on Me,” sprang forth symbolizing their determination to a triumph onto victory over the Tyrants of that time.

Also may we never forget the lessons well learned from the “Sons of Liberty” The First Minutemen Patriots of Massachusetts.

When you set out your mount, make all your ammo count.
Stay in the dark, while tracking your mark.
Keep your spirits high and your powder dry.
Have your weapons ready, and your barrel steady.
Keep your head down low and your trigger finger slow.
Take your time, while you center your bead.
Then all that is left is for you to do what you need.

Meanwhile I’ll pass this message on through the lines

“Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est.”
“Knowledge Is Power.” – Francis Bacon

…When applied it is even More Powerful!


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