Mission Accomplished: EPA’s Backdoor Gun Control Operation Begins

Allen West is exactly right!!! And…the socialist/communist/marxist agendas are in full force! Those Evil, Sneaky, Corrupt Bastards will do ANYTHING to take all of our guns away from Legal, American Patriots, so that we will be left defenseless little robots of the marxist, obama regime!!! No way in hell this will ever stop us Texans from upholding our “Right to bear Arms”!!! This is America NOT China or one of the other communist hell holes! We the People will make our own ammunition if we must!

pundit from another planet


Allen West writes: As a former combat commander, I have been trained to look for trends. And I believe we’ve found a very disturbing one. It seems that backdoor gun control is in full effect in the United States. Why? Thanks to Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we can no longer smelt lead from ore in the United States.

The first contact the EPA made with The Doe Run Lead Smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri (population 2,800) was in 2008, but it was in 2010 that the EPA finally forced Doe Run to plan a shutdown. This plant has been in operation since 1892 but will finally close its doors this month. It was the last primary lead smelting plant in the U.S.

The closedown is due to new, extremely tight air quality restrictions placed on this specific plant. President Obama and his EPA raised the regulations tenfold, and it…

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