The never-ending hypocrisy on the left

Hell, obama had to give the Racist Bitch something! She donated millions to help buy his way into the W.H., and she expects payment! I am so happy that her cable show OWN is in the crapper! I hope that the Racist, Communist PIG goes broke!! Those of us who can see the TRUTH about the POS in the W.H. has nothing to do with his race, which happens to be only half black!! He is a DISGRACE to both of his races!! He is for sure a DISGRACE to America!!

No matter what Color he is, his Character is EVIL!!! I love Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson!! Some of my best friends are black, but they are NOT Communists, Racists, or Liberal Losers!! They love America like I do, and are APPALLED at what the SOB in the W.H. is doing to America!! 


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