No More Excuses! You Are Responsible For Your Own Life!

I had not really realized just how much “irresponsible”, “lying” and “blaming” people irritated me until I wrote this post. Obama pisses the hell out of me because he is always blaming everyone else for his faults. Especially the Republican party or the Tea Party, because they are trying to stop him and the Democrat/Communists from completely destroying our country and turning her into a Socialist/Communist one. He wants to take God out of our country! We really need God now to fight his evil! Obama is NOT God.

Sally's Serenity Spot

“Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only.”~~~James 1: 22 (KJV)

One of the things that I remember most that my boss and mentor taught me was that if we wanted to change and grow, then we must take Responsibility for our own lives. He had “NO MORE EXCUSES” painted in bold black letters behind his desk at Central unit. He worked with and helped many a “hurting” inmate who needed him to teach them how to “grow up” and become responsible for themselves. 

I was a Counselor in the T.D.C.J.-ID Central unit for five years, and Responsibility was one of the principles that I taught the inmates. Personal Responsibility was one of the principles that was really hard for them to accept.

They had spent most of their lives blaming others for all their problems. They blamed their parents, society, and the world for all their…

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