MAD AS HELL – We The People Are Coming!!

Character versus Color BHO Communist


For decades, LIBERALS have been slowly chipping away at our freedoms, hoping one day to take us by surprise. Well guess what, that day is almost upon us!! 

The PROGRESSIVE movement is like a slimy snake, slithering its way around trying to scare good people into stepping aside while everything they value is slowly taken away from them. If we don’t cut the head off the snake in 2014 and 2016, then we are all doomed for long term failure. (Just to be clear, cutting the head off the snake is just an expression. I don’t condone doing anything ILLEGAL. We need to institute some serious change, but we need to do it legally)

The United States has always been a MORAL, 
RELIGIOUS, RIGHT of center leaning nation. According to a recent Gallup survey, 40 percent of Americans consider themselves CONSERVATIVE compared to 21 percent who call themselves LIBERAL

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