Elderly Americans in a panic over losing doctors because of Obamacare

Fellowship of the Minds

Shovel ready ObamacareHere’s another noxious wholly-intended consequence of the poisonous pill called Obamacare.

It is not just hundreds and thousands of Americans who are in shock from having their health insurances cancelled.

Countless elderly Americans on Medicare are discovering they’ve lost their trusted doctorsbecause their HMOs (health maintenance organizations), in a move to trim costs, have fired those physicians.

Jocelyn Maminta reports for WTNHthat UnitedHealthCare (UHC) sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors caring for ‘Medicare Advantage‘ patients — a UHC plan that’s marketed to Seniors to provide additional services.

A mix of primary care and specialty physicians are affected by it. The firing comes at a time just when open enrollment for Medicare had begun on Oct. 15, introducing chaos and uncertainty as to which doctors are still in the United

UnitedHealthCare spokesman Ben Goldstein says “Members with questions are encouraged to call…

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