Stick to Your Guns and Your Bibles; it’s Radical

Reclaim Our Republic

October 21, 2013 By Keith Davies

Maybe Sen Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are right and everyone else is wrong.

Noah – another radical of his day – was the only one who warned about the flood before the whole world drowned.

Was not Jesus viewed as a radical by the establishment in his time? That’s a self-evident truth. Yet, more than two thousand years later, He is revered as the Messiah by nearly half of the world’s population.

Moses was ridiculed after he went to the Pharaoh; he caused more problems for the Hebrews because after that first visit they were forced to gather the straw for bricks. Moses was not too popular for a time after that.

Samuel Adams: Establishment considered him radical

Look at history. The American colonies went to war because of some crazies amongst them i.e. Samuel Adams, who was hailed by Thomas Jefferson…

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