Hagee: "We Are A Pagan Nation Without Shame"

 Secular Humanism has filled our rape crisis centers*, our mental hospitals*, our singles’ bars*, our penitentiaries*, our roster of guests for the brain-dead television talk shows*, you see. America is becoming a Pagan society*. We are in a moral free fall*. When a school teacher cannot refer to the Ten Commandments* but is approved of teaching the principles of witchcraft*, our country is going in the wrong direction*.When the Boy Scouts of America are censored* and penalized* for refusing to accept homosexual scout leaders, we are a Pagan nation without shame*… We have endorsed sodomy* and called it an alternative lifestyle. It’s not an alternative lifestyle; it was, is, and always shall be an abomination unto the Lord*.

This man is absolutely right! America IS becoming a “pagan” nation! God wants us to fight “evil”! God does not want us to sit back and do nothing to try and save our country. 

Our world is getting “crazier” and more “evil” everyday. Anyone who cannot see it must be either blind or they are one of the devil’s demons! Day by day, we are becoming a “pagan” nation, because we are allowing the devil’s demons to “fundamentally change” our Christian nation into a “heathen” nation! We must fight and do whatever we can to stop the destruction of our once great nation! 

We are in a “spiritual war” for our souls. There is no “sitting on the fence”! You are either on God’s side or the devil’s side! I choose to follow God. I will help fight the evil to my last dying breathe. 



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