Ted Cruz is receiving threats on Twitter

The Tea Party is Right TedCruz-DisTrustGov't According to the W.H.

Hell, what can we expect from communist/demon-rats? They are scared to death that the Tea Party Patriots will take away some or all of their power and money!! The world is full of psychos, and getting more violent everyday! I pray that God keeps Ted and his family safe from the demons! Stand strong, Ted! You must be doing something right!! 

America's Watchtower

  According to this story the police are investigating a man for leaving threatening posts on Twitter. The man allegedly posted Ted Cruz’s home address on Twitter several times and urged somebody to take  him down at home.

  Does anyone really find this surprising considering the hate-filled, incendiary, and inflammatory rhetoric which has been used by the leaders of the Democratic party, the MSM, and even some of the establishment Republicans?

  Ted Cruz, and those who support him, have been called extremists, radicals, hostage takers, extortionists, arsonists, and terrorists with bombs strapped to their chests while holding a gun to the heads of the president and the American people. Most recently Steve Cohen of Tennessee called people who oppose the president “domestic enemies” of the country, highlighting once and for all what the left truly feels about anyone who has the gall not to fall in line with the Dear Leader’s agenda.


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