Right Wing Rants & Raves's photo.We Republican Patriots will NEVER stop fighting your TYRANNY! 

For real, the demon is trying to take us back to the slavery days, and make the whites pay! He has INCITED riots and HATE, so that he can call for “martial law“.  The only thing wrong with that messed up thinking is that us Republicans voted to free the slaves. The Demon-Rats are the ones killing black babies and trying to keep blacks as slaves!! He must hate half of himself. The POS has done nothing good for the black communities. The only person benefiting from his Usurpation of our W.H. is him and his communist/demon-rats and muslime demons!

God, please save us from this demon!! But what else would you expect from a LYING, BLAMING, ILLEGAL, MARXIST, MUSLIME, TERRORIST USURPER!! 


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