Published on Sep 14, 2013 Produced and Directed by: Passionate Pachyderms Powerful, entertaining, and packed full of excitement, style, and profound meaning, Passionate Pachyderms delivers once again! BAD TO THE BONE stars 2 MILLION American Biker Patriots at the Washington D.C. Biker Event on 9/11/2013, held to honor those affected by the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks and to deliver a deafeningly loud “message” to elected officials currently in Washington D.C. from America’s citizenry, “We’re fed up, and we’re not going to sit quietly and take it anymore!” YOU CAN BET THE MESSAGE WAS DELIVERED LOUD AND CLEAR!! Thanks all those who gave of themselves and their time to participate in this event. As has become their style, Passionate Pachyderms directs and produces yet ANOTHER powerful, and entertaining video. To see more, “Join The Herd” at PassionatePachyderms.com GOD BLESS ALL OUR HEROES THAT TOOK A STAND TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT FOR OUT GREAT NATION AND ALL OF OUR AMERICANS WHO WERE MURDERED BY THE FOLLOWERS OF THE SATANIC CULT ISLAM!! WE MUST STOP THE POS FROM TAKING OVER OUR COUNTRY!!! REMOVE THE ENEMY WITHIN OUR W.H.!! HE IS TRYING TO PUT US INTO WARS, THAT WE DO NOT NEED!


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