As a senior (seen 8 decades) I’m not a very happy camper. My government has been using me and my generation to financially water board our own doggone children and grandchildren, all under the headline of “saving our Social Security”. None of us seniors signed up for this, yet we’ve become unwitting partners in creating this horrific nightmare we’ve all been living through for the past 3 decades. My generation has something in its possession called the generational chain of trust, and we’ve an obligation to hand it off intact to the next generations. After all they’re entitled to an America that resembles the America we inherited from a previous generation. To that end I’ve committed the rest of my productive (???) years to a mission that begins restoring middle class Americans, their families and the communities they call home; the heart and soul of our great country. We’ve come too far, worked too hard, made too many sacrifices, have too far to go, and too much at stake to leave this debate in the hands of inept leadership(both republican and democrat). The time for talking has passed, and the time for walking is upon us. We’re on a mission to create a better world for the next generation/s, and If you’ll invest a little of your time, we’ll respect you enough to spend it wisely. Please share this with your circle of influence; it’s time “we the people” squared the books. “REAL JOE” the REAL DEAL – coming REAL soon.~~ 

source: Pappy Gries


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