The Truth about School! Our Children Are Being Brainwashed by the Socialists and Communists!

Published on May 14, 2013Follow us on Facebook: us on Twitter: our website: http://StormCloudsGathering.comGet weekly email updates:…
Did you ever wonder how it is that kids spend 13 years from kindergarten to high school supposedly being prepared for life, yet when they get out they don’t have any real skills?

I believe in teaching the TRUTH, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH! I will teach about Creation and Evolution. My grandchildren will be able to decide for themselves. I would hope that they would have a personal relationship with God, but I know that “preaching” and “pushing” will only alienate them from you. I will teach them to think for themselves. I will teach them “problem solving” skills.  I home schooled my son for a year when he was having trouble with the bullying and violence in the public schools. I hope that all Christian parents home school their children. The public schools are horrible, and God is not allowed. We need God now more than ever. I am not Catholic, but I do believe in home schooling your children, and teaching them MORALS, VALUES, and INTEGRITY! My parents taught me that. We need to take our children back from the Corrupt, Communist government with NO MORALS!


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