Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 1 and 2

J. Mark Campbell

Geert Wilders reveals 10 step plan of eliminating Islamic extremism from western culture.

Since 9/11 Americans have become extremely aware of Islam. We are exposed to conflicting perspectives about Islam that range the spectrum from “the religion of peace” to the threat of “Jihad.”

We have been told that Islam means “peace.”
This is not true.
Islam means “submission!”

Islam was born in bloodshed, nurtured on violence and matured in conquest.
Islam is again on the march, not a a military or political system but as a theocratic system that would impose itself of all peoples. 

Islam has discovered that the Western world will resist it militarily and politically, but will allow itself to be infiltrated and perhaps even conquered through “freedom of religion.” 
Muslims believe that Islam, as portrayed in the Qur’an should and will eventually supplant all other religions.

Don’t tell me that Allah is just another name for the God of Abraham. Allah originated as a “moon god”. But just in case you haven’t studied the history of the middle east, I’ll make it easy for you to recognize a distinction between the two….if a Christian sees a child hungry, they feed him. If a muslim sees a child hungry, If it’s a boy, they strap a bomb to him and send him to go kill Christians before he starves to death.If it’s a girl, they marry her. If it is a rape victim, they beat her to death. The God I pray to is going to open a can of southern whoop ass on you one of these days.

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