VIDEO CSCOPE is dead and out of Texas – you did it!

Reclaim Our Republic

May 20, 2013

State Senator Dan Patrick announced the death of CSCOPE in the state of Texas.

We and others have written about the dangers of the CSCOPE and the need to remove it from school systems. Today we report a victory as CSCOPE is dead and gone in Texas because of the grass roots efforts.

Glenn Beck said on his radio program:
“I want to give you some good news, good news on that you are making a difference. A letter signed now by all 20 members of the board of education for the State of Texas just released, will notify 875 school district clients that all lessons and lesson plans will now be removed from those websites on August 31st. The districts are no longer and cannot use any lessons from CSCOPE anymore. The era of CSCOPE is over,” Glenn said.

State Senator Dan Patrick said,“This is a…

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